Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rhymes With Shmirty Shmevin

Tomorrow is the Professor's birthday.  I love holidays and birthdays because they inspire me to do Pinterest projects which then gives me a reason to spend some time in my neglected scrapbooking room.  I'm excited to give Kevin this year's present.  I think he's going to love it!

I don't want to tell you all how old Kevin will be.  I'd hate to embarrass the guy!  Let's just say that he is getting dangerously close to forty...and that his current age rhymes with shmirty shmeven.

Aside from getting my craft on, Kevin's birthday gives me the opportunity to make his annual birthday card.  This is fun because it involves tracing the girls' hands, letting Daisy color hers, and then seeing how much they've grown over the year.

So, here it is (that's last year's card in the background and the new hand tracing to the right):

Holy cow!  Our tiny little Daisy sure has grown!  This year's hand looks like it could eat last year's hand!  I think the most surprising thing is the difference in wrist circumference.  That girl has done some growing between 22 and 34 months.

And then there is Aria.  Much like her body, Aria's hand has not gotten any bigger.  It has gotten fatter though...which is kind of amazing...and adorable. 

Happy Birthday, Kevin.  Thanks for sticking with us through it all.  We love you.

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