Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mama's Preparation and Aria's Sweet Disposition

Aria is currently in surgery having her spinal cord untethered and her fatty filum terminale dealt with.  It's a surgery that is serious in that it involves messing with the spinal cord but not-so-serious in that it's a fairly standard neurosurgery.  I like to be obnoxiously informed about what is going on with my kid so I've actually watched a couple videos of the procedure online.  To my untrained eye the procedure looks super simple.   

Did you hear that, Aria?  This is a simple neurosurgery.  Let's try and keep it that way.
As I was preparing for this hospitalization I realized this is the first time we've actually been able to plan for a hospitalization.  We've spent hundreds of days here and not one of them has been planned until today.  It feels great to have the opportunity to be prepared for once.  I love that I've had the time to do neurotic things like watch videos of the surgery.  It has really helped to put me at ease.

I always keep a hospital bag in my car with a couple of t-shirts, a cardigan, pajama pants, undergarments, contact solution, and a toothbrush.  That way, when we've had to rush to the hospital in the past, I've only had to grab my phone and computer to be ready to go.  Of course, this also means that I have worn the same two t-shirts over and over again every time we've been in the hospital.  So, I'm sure you can imagine how good it felt to pack a bag with a few cute outfits to wear during this hospital stay.   

In actually preparing to be inpatient I got to do things like pick up some of my favorite snacks to bring with me (i.e. coconut water, and freeze dried fruits), grab some extra yarn to work on some crocheting projects, and bring some craft supplies so that Daisy and I will have special activities to do when she comes to visit.  I was also able to figure out in advance who would be caring for Daisy while Kevin works.  Scrambling around to try and figure out who would be watching Daisy from day to day during previous hospitalizations was so stressful.  I'm not stressed at all about childcare this time around.  I know exactly where Daisy will be every day for the next five days.

Most importantly, I laid out outfits for Daisy to wear for the next five days.  Does that sound a little controlling to you guys?  It does?  Oh, that's just because you don't know what happened last time Aria and I were in the hospital and my husband was left in charge of Daisy's wardrobe.  There was an incident.

I'm just trying to be proactive.
It seems like every time I've had to bring Aria in to the hospital it was on one of those days where she really needed a bath but, for one reason or another, I just never got around to giving her one.  Then she ends up here for weeks and they don't even have a baby tub here.  In fact, they only believe in sponge baths and dry shampoos as a means to getting children clean around here.  It's disgusting and Aria ends up smelling horrible by the time we're ready to leave.  So, we switched up the bathing schedule a bit to ensure that the last thing we did before leaving our home this morning was give Miss Aria a bath. 
Can you tell that this girl loves her baths?

And, of course, Aria HAD to wear her scrubs today.  You just never know when the neurosurgeon might need the assistance of the world's cutest nurse.  Aria wanted to make sure she was dressed for the job just in case she was called upon!

Aria's procedure was the first on the schedule for today but she got pushed back to later in the day.  This meant we got to spend extra time just hanging out with her all morning and part of the afternoon.  She was so smiley and giggly all day as we snuggled and listened to music in the surgery waiting room.  I think she knew we needed to know that she was going to be she showed us with her sweet disposition.
The surgical nurse who comes to give updates every hour during procedures just came to give us the first update.  She said that Aria smiled, babbled, and laughed for everyone she came in contact with up until the moment she went to sleep and that she is now sleeping soundly as the procedure gets underway. 

I have a feeling she stole a few extra hearts today with her beautiful smile.


Eric said...

Wishing the procedure goes well for your beautiful daughter.

Claire said...

You are kind of a scary super awesome mom, you know that? Hope it all goes smooth as silk! That gal is a real dolly.

Tiffany said...

That is indeed the cutest nurse I have ever seen!

SK3 said...

My grandmother, may she rest in peace, used to say "Oh, I could just eat her up!" when she saw a cute baby! Seeing Aria, and thinking those same words myself, just made me smile. Thanks for the good memory, and for sharing your cute daughter.