Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

Aria and I are on a little adventure right now. I'm going to write about it later (when I'm not typing on my iPhone).

Today Aria and I flew from Indianapolis to Pittsburgh via D.C. This was Aria's first flight. We've been avoiding flying because I didn't want to deal with TSA and all the drugs, and the syringes, and the implanted medical devices, and the medical equipment. This time it just made sense for us to fly so i sucked it up and i planned ahead. i made multiple calls to TSA to make sure things would run smoothly today...and they did! It took forever to get through security but all of the TSA agents were beyond kind. Aria even got her first TSA pat down!

When I arrived at my gate I got out Aria's container of medical supplies because she was overdue for a feeding. I found a spot kind of hidden away from the other passengers so as not to make anyone uncomfortable. As I was mixing food, and pulling up syringes, and hooking up extension sets a woman started talking to me. She didn't gawk. She didn't stare. She told me Aria was beautiful.

After Aria ate, I sat down to eat my sandwich. As I ate, I started playing a game with Aria where I tap her foot with my foot and then she needs to search to find my foot with her foot. This is the game I play when I'm too busy to legitimately interact with my child.

The woman to whom i was speaking earlier came over to Aria and said "I'll play with you while your mommy eats" and she just played with Aria like any other kid. She told me about her sons who are now grown and successful and also happen to be on the autism spectrum. I told her about Daisy. She told me everything would be okay. I believed her.

As we were boarding our flight she asked me where I was sitting. I told her I was in seat 10D.

She insisted we switch seats. She wanted Aria and me to have her first class seat.

With some trepidation, I accepted her offer.

Aria flew her first flight in style due to the kindness of a complete stranger...due to the kindness of someone who just wanted to make our day a little better.


Jenna said...

How very sweet!!! What a wonderful lady at the perfect time in your life. Have a good adventure!

Barbara said...

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Merry Christmas!

Kevin Jordan said...

What a great story! It made my day just reading about it :)

A said...

An excellent start, and I hope it augurs even more goodness, kindness and luck for you and Aria on this trip.

Hex said...

That is so kind of her!